Chesapeake City Ecumenical Association (CCEA)

Christians United in Service to the Community

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Every person and family has difficulty at some point. Pastors and other Christians should make every effort to be present during these times.   To express our care, Christians should call and visit in homes and hospitals during illness, grief, or crisis decisions and provide a network of loving support. We know God is the ultimate healer and helper, but we know He most often works through His people

Please pray for those listed below and let us know if you want anyone else added to the list. Don’t forget to let us know when your prayers have been answered so that the list can be kept up to date. 

Additions and deletions to the list can be sent to the following:

The CCEA thanks each of you for adding these people and families to your prayers.  




WHEN WE PRAY FOR OTHERS, two people are blessed—the person being prayed for and the person praying. God hears our prayers and understands that we want what is best for those for whom we are praying. We can more easily put our own problems in perspective as we pray for someone with terminal illness or for lonely people who need caring, loving people in their lives. Our prayers form a circle of blessing around us and the people for whom we pray.

Prayer List

SR. DFC Mark Logsdon Obituary  and 

Patrick ''Pat'' Dailey Obituary


         The Praise/Prayers of Thanks


11/2/2012 - Gail is a mom mom, congratulations to Gail, Mom Nikki and beautiful baby girl Destiny Storm-Ann Missimer.  We love you!

9/13/2012 - Praise God - Deb & Terry have new jobs more inline with their needs
9/5/2012 - Praise God - Russanne is doing well
4/11/2012 Russanne Foster had a positive CT scan yesterday!!! The tumors are shrinking and she & family are soooo happy! All send thank you to those who have kept Russanne in prayer as she continues to battle cancer! PRAISE GOD!!!
4/11/2012 Kyle Flora is well on his way to healing.  He is released to return to school 1/2 days (to see if he will develop headaches under normal routine). He is eating like a horse (pretty normal for a 13 year old boy!)...I am most grateful for your prayers, as is Kyle!!! PRAISE GOD!!!
4/11/2012 Our Bible Study group ("Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World) will be operating under a new challenge for the summer months...I share this with you because it is PRAISE throughout the day.  We are challenged to raise 25 "breath prayer thank yous" throughout each day for the next 25 days. We believe it will help to develop a closer relationship with our father, build a stronger prayer life and keep us in a place of gratefulness instead of is more challenging than most realized!

1/29/2012 - WOW, the Knights did a wonderful job painting St. Rose Church in record time. Thank you God and the Knights of Columbus.



        Rest In Peace

¨5/5/2013 - Jean Ritter We love and miss you Jean!  Arrangements can be found at

¨1/5/2012 - Mrs. Elizabeth Vari

¨10/15/2012 - Samantha Vinc

¨9/16/2012 - Danny DiDominico

¨9/5/2021-    Ruth Purdy Ginn

¨3/17/2012 - Bill (William) Downey

¨3/17/2012 - Bill (William) McKay

¨1/29/2012 -  Shareen Clark

¨12/29/2012 -  John May

¨1/22/2012 - Earle S. Lockwood, Jr.

¨1/9/2012 -  Gladys Pinder Sr.

¨1/3/2012     Joel Constantino

¨12/28/2011 Leah Marie Phillips

¨12/27/2011  Nick Luzetsky

¨11/26/2011 Anna Shestock

¨11/26/2011Sidney Foard

¨11/22/2011 Barb Serbu, rest in peace Barb!

¨11/2/2011 Bro. Lonnie Brown, Pro-Tem of the Trustee Board and Usher Extraordinaire of Bethel AME Church

¨10/29/2011 Brian Grant

¨10/16/2011 Chris O'Brian

¨8/27/2011 Anna (Pierce) Schrader

¨8/11/2011 John Walter Shelton, Sr.

¨7/2/2011 John A. Rehfuss, SR

¨6/7/2011 - Robert Forester

¨6/1/2011 - Fr. Joe Bozzelli

¨5/16/2011  Jerry Ashby

¨4/14/2011 Thelma Biggs - Mother of Bob Biggs