Prayer List

Chesapeake City Ecumenical Association (CCEA)

Christians United in Service to the Community

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Every person and family has difficulty at some point. Pastors and other Christians should make every effort to be present during these times.   To express our care, Christians should call and visit in homes and hospitals during illness, grief, or crisis decisions and provide a network of loving support. We know God is the ultimate healer and helper, but we know He most often works through His people

Please pray for those listed below and let us know if you want anyone else added to the list. Don’t forget to let us know when your prayers have been answered so that the list can be kept up to date. 

Additions and deletions to the list can be sent to the following:

The CCEA thanks each of you for adding these people and families to your prayers.  




WHEN WE PRAY FOR OTHERS, two people are blessed—the person being prayed for and the person praying. God hears our prayers and understands that we want what is best for those for whom we are praying. We can more easily put our own problems in perspective as we pray for someone with terminal illness or for lonely people who need caring, loving people in their lives. Our prayers form a circle of blessing around us and the people for whom we pray.

Prayer List


·        Linda Stanton

·        Eileen's Special Intention

·        John “Jack” Eder

·        Irene Shestock

·        Cassi Lambert

·        Marilynn Homan

·        Darrell Jones (Celestine Hall's brother)

·        Doris Groff

·        Alice Hill & Family- Hurt Family

·        Ruth & Scott Viars

·        Richard Watters & Family

·        Kathy Dolde - Healing Prayers, Kathy's surgery was successful but please keep praying!!

·        Les Fritz and Family

        Rest In Peace

Martin Shestock

Nelson Stubbs

George Misssimer

Catherine Watson

The Tierney Family

Joan Delpino