Chesapeake City Ecumenical Association (CCEA)

Christians United in Service to the Community

Registered 501(c)3

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How soon should I ask for assistance with a bill?
A: As soon as you receive an eviction or shutoff notice, call for assistance.  If you wait until the last day we may not be able to assist.  Additional cost will occur if your utilities are disconnected or late fees could be assessed if your rent or mortgage payment is late. 

Q: Where is the CCEA service area?
A:  The CCEA service area covers the area between Frenchtown Road and the Bohemia River Bridge.

Q: How often can I visit the food pantry?
A:   Once a month, if you are in the CCEA service area, once a year if you are outside of the CCEA service area.

Q: Do I need proof of residency?

A:  Yes, photo identification is required for verification to the service area.