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On Sunday, January 03, 2010, a Welcoming Reception was held at The Gates of Heaven for Marilyn McKee.  The Angelic Choir raised their voices in welcome.  At the forefront of the choir stood Marilyn's beloved Bud his voice loud and strong!

GOD stepped forward in his magnificence & glory, arms outstretched to welcome his beloved daughter.  Marilyn's years of faith and dedication have been reward, as he greeted her, "Beloved daughter, welcome home.  You have done well."

We will miss Marilyn here in Chesapeake City and throughout the community of friends and family that grew with the years that she walked this earth.  The legacy of graceful beauty and servitude will have a void as we work to achieve a small percentage of all that she did.

We love you Marilyn.  Give Bud a hug from all of us and we pray you and Bud are among the Choir of Angels we faithfully believe we will one day see....