Chesapeake City Ecumenical Association (CCEA)

Christians United in Service to the Community

Registered 501(c)3

CCEA Food Pantry needs...



      The CCEA Food Pantry is completely out of the following items:

      ·         Ramens  

      ·         cold cereal

      ·         fruit

      ·         PB&J

      We are low on the following items:

      ·         soup

      ·         canned meals  

      ·         boxed meals  

      ·         canned corn  

      ·         canned green vegetables  and

      ·          Pasta sauce.


      Children are out of school and not getting their provided breakfasts and lunches. Without your donations many children are going to have a very hungry summer.

      Donations can be made through the CCEA churches or delivered to the CCEA Complex 227 Basil Ave on Tuesday and Wednesday between 9 and noon.

      Thanks for caring about those less fortunate!


The SAV-A-TAPE program has been very productive.   I will be submitting tapes in the amount of $11,048.80, next week.  Although tapes as old as 3 years could previously be submitted, the rules have changed.  Tapes must be one year old or less to qualify for reimbursement.  They must be complete and uncut. 

Lastly, one of the most needed items: Gift certificates to Acme, Redner's or Food Lion.   The lowest increment allowed is great (I don't know the amount and it likely varies at   each store).  We have received Giant cards in the past, but the nearest store is in DE   and some of our clients would have difficulty getting there.
 Gift cards allow our clients to purchase perishable items such as milk, meat & bread.
  Keeping the amounts to a low increment prevents a "run on the pantry" when word
  reaches into the community that we are including gift cards.
May GOD keep you & yours safe in HIS arms..
Diane Newton


Food Pantry Donation Ideas

We do not stock baby food or formula, because we receive little call for this.  Any baby food items donated to the CCEA will be sent to the Cecil County Pregnancy Center

CCEA food pantry donations are accepted:

Monday - Friday (9:00-Noon) at Trinity UMC, South Chesapeake City 

1st Sunday of the month and Wednesday after Mass at St. Rose Church in North Chesapeake City

1st Sunday of the month after Mass at St. Joseph Church in Middletown


Redner’s Save-A-Tape - Keep those tapes coming.  They provide an average of $120 a month toward the purchase of food or outreach support.  To be utilized the Save-A-Tape must meet the following:


a)  Tapes must have Save-A-Tape total on bottom.  This requires having the Customer Card scanned.  Register tapes must be fully in tact.


b)  Tapes which have been damaged - upper section of register tape cut off or portions of tape cut off will no longer be accepted as of January 01, 2010.


c)  Tapes where Customer # is noted, but Save A Tape total does not appear cannot be used.


d)  Tapes that do not have Save A Tape (regular register tape) cannot be used.


God Bless and many thanks to all who have continually supported the pantry!